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Sandboarding | SandSki

We are pioneers in the professionalization of sandboarding and sandskiingff at a tourist/sports level so that travelers have a unique experience in Peru. Although Machu Picchu is almost always a guaranteed visit, many have listed the sandboarding and sandskiing experience in Huacachina as one of their best experiences in Peru.

We provide an experience with instructors trained in teaching sandboarding and sandskiing.

Our instructors have more than 10 years of experiences and have also completed an exchange transition in the snow. If you are looking for a unique experience in Peru, look for the Sandboarding Perú®  (Registered Trademark):

Your best experience in the World Capital of Sandboarding , with the host of the last two edition of the InterSands Sandboard World Cup, Huacachina is one of the most favorite place for sand riders and people who want to enjoy a place with adventure, relax and fun moments.


Meeting Point

Time : 3:00 pm

Test Equipment

You are welcome in our SandSnow place to arrange the equipment (boots, skies, boards, etc.)


Time : 3:30 pm

Dune Buggy

We begin our departure towards the entrance control to the Conservation Area of the Huacachina and then head to the dune buggy. (10 – 15 minutes)


Time : 3:45 pm

Sandboarding / Sandkiing

We enjoy the sandboarding or sandkiing experience in differents dunes of the desert.

First Dune

Time : 3:55 pm

Riding Test

The first dune we will visit will be so that our instructors can better understand your riding technique in case you have practiced snowboarding or skiing. If you have not practiced any board sports, this dune is ideal to get started in these sports.

Enjoy the Ride

Time : 4:20 pm

Huacachina Desert

After the riding test, our instructors will accompany you on a unique adventure visiting different dunes in the Huacachina desert.

Sunset Time

Time : 5:50 pm

Sunset and Chillin!

You will enjoy the view of an incredible sunset over one of the dunes, you can ride, take photos or simply enjoy this moment.

Duna Buggy ride back

Time : 6:10 pm


We begin our return to the dune-port to finish our service.


Time : 6:30 pm

Charing photos and videos

  • Sandoarding: Full Equipment equal snowboarding (board adapted to ride on the sand), boots, helmet, bindings.
  • Sandskiing: Full Equipment equal skiing (skis adapted to ride on the sand), boots, helmet, bindings.
  • Professional local guide/instructor with experience on the sand and snow.
  • Dune Buggy for 02 hours to get to the top of the dunes in the desert.
  • Videos with iphone (Hight Quality 4K HD)
  • Fotos with iphone (Hight Quality 4K HD)
  • Entrance fee to the Area de Conservacion Natural de la Laguna Huacachina
  • Accident insurance, we recommend you purchase one for your entire trip in Peru for your unforgettable and fun experiences.
  • SD, USB or Memory card for video and photos, bring it , please.
  • Pick-up from your hotel it´s not included.
  • Water, bring a bottle of water.

Yes, there are similarities in terms of equipment and techniques, but there are also differences due to the unique characteristics of sand compared to snow. Sandboarding and sandskiing enthusiasts often find that while the basic principles are similar, the experience and challenges are distinct.

Wear lightweight, breathable clothing suitable for warm weather, as desert temperatures can be high. Additionally, protect yourself from the sun by wearing sunscreen and sunglasses.

Yes, people of various ages and skill levels can participate in sandboarding and sandskiing. However, it's essential to consider individual physical fitness and any existing health conditions before engaging in these activities.