Our school started thanks to the social initiative that we started with children and young people

The main function of our work is to provide the necessary opportunities for local children and adolescents to integrate them into the practice of sports, thereby helping them in other aspects such as their studies and/or relationships with their family and society.

Our project named Escuelita SandSnow School fulfills the same functions since our company was started and since the beginning of our CEO & Founder Martin Guerra H. in 2007.


The classes we offer are free and we provide all the necessary sports equipment and instruction, including the instructors who currently provide the classes, are also part of our project and who for 5 years now are official instructors of our school to share the passion with travelers and fundamentally with future generations.

Our work is supported by local companies of Ica and especially the Oasis Huacachina as Desert Nights, Viajes Ica, also with the Swiss International Sandboarding and Sandskiing Association – INTERSANDS, who make our work come to future projects of massification and development of sport in the sand dunes.


We are currently in the 3rd stage of the project where we provide financing to young people who are about to complete their secondary studies and support them for their technical or higher studies.