Meet Our Team

CEO & Founder

Martin Guerra H.

From 2007 developing the sandboarding in Perú traveling from the north to the south of Peru riding the dunes and now traveling between Europe and South America to promote the  SandSnow Trend in whole the world. 

Sandski developer

Laurent Bernhard

From 2014 developing with Martin the sandskiing in Peru and riding  between the sand and snow mountain in different countries.



Donayre Ecos

Professional sandboarder (athlete) and sandskiier in Peru with knowledge  and experience on the snow.

His other sport is Mountainbike and Enduro.

Current 2nd place  in the last InterSands Sandboard World Cup 2019 in boardercross.



Benavides Hernandez

Professional sandboarder (athlete) with knowledge and experience on the snow.

Also he practice mountain bike, enduro.

Currently top ten in the world ranking of the last InterSands  Sandboard World Cup 2019.



Ecos Manzanilla

The youngest of our team and considered one of the best riders in the world.

Currently the 3rd place in freestyle and parallel slalom in the last InterSands Sandboard World Cup 2019.